What to do in Argentina? 12 activity ideas

Claire, Journalist and travel blogger
Claire, Journalist and travel blogger

During my trip to Argentina, I realised that each region had its own type of activities, and sometimes very different from one another. If you are looking for adventure, relaxation, cultural or sporting discoveries, you will inevitably find something typical to do. Here is my selection of the best activities in Argentina. Very fond of the Argentine culture, enrich your knowledge by taking a guided tour of the biggest cities like Buenos Aires, but also dance the Tango, visit the wine cellars, attend a football match, enjoy local cuisine and experience the Gauchos’ way of life. Sports enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of the fabulous landscapes to practice canoeing, rafting and, of course, to explore the most beautiful trekking routes. Looking for a unique experience? Venture to the foot of Iguazu Falls by boat, or off the Argentinian coast to see whales. Finally, if you want to take advantage of your trip to relax and rest, there are some very high-quality natural spas in the country.

  • Se détendre dans un spa
    Les thermes de Cacheuta

    Se détendre dans un spa

    Even if Argentina is a destination designed for trekking and hiking, it’s always important to put one’s feet up. Why not enjoy a whole day at the spa? Some regions have ideal natural sources for a wellness cure. Enjoy a sauna in a natural spa cave or a thermal pool followed up by a good meal. Relaxation is guaranteed and quite welcome before heading back to your adventures on the road.

  • Voir des baleines
    Baleine, Péninsule Valdès

    Voir des baleines

    In Argentina, you will have the opportunity to observe all kinds of marine animals. Lots of animals can be spotted on or off the shores, such as penguins, sea lions, birds, and of course...whales! It is common to see whales around the Valdes Peninsula. Whether you go on a boat, a kayak or simply by staying by the sea, you will have a chance to witness this natural wonder.

  • Visiter les Chutes d’Iguazu en bateau
    Découverte des chutes d’Iguazu en bateau

    Visiter les Chutes d’Iguazu en bateau

    Iguazu falls are one of the most popular attractions in Argentina. You can get a closer look at this powerful and magical spectacle by boat or on foot, an experience you’re not likely to forget. On foot, take your time and make your way through the jungle to reach the falls for an incredible panoramic view. But the most impressive sight is without any doubt by boat as you will get as close as possible to the waterfalls and find yourself in the heart of this natural wonder.

  • Faire du rafting

    Faire du rafting

    Prepare for a thrilling experience in the heart of the most beautiful sceneries of the Andes mountain range. Rafting is definitely the right choice. Why not spend a day in the mountains and in their rivers that as wild as they are beautiful. A rich and thrilling experience that you don’t want to miss out on!

  • Faire du canoë-kayak
    Kayak près du Perito Moreno

    Faire du canoë-kayak

    Want to see the most beautiful landscapes from a different angle? Feel free to go on a canoe or kayak trip. It’s the perfect way to discover magical places such as the region of the Seven lakes, Tierra del Fuego or the Valdes Peninsula. At your own pace, you can not only discover areas which are only accessible by water but also get close to marine animals at the same time.

  • Faire du trekking
    Randonneurs sur le Fitz Roy

    Faire du trekking

    There are wild and fascinating areas in Argentina. The best way to explore them is by trekking. Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, the Andes, take the plunge and discover the most beautiful Argentinian landscapes. Several cities propose excursions for various durations and levels. Pick the trip which suits you best and enjoy your adventure with the help of a local guide.

  • Savourer la gastronomie argentine
    Plat traditionnel : les Empanadas

    Savourer la gastronomie argentine

    Argentina is the perfect destination for food lovers. Thanks to the combination of different European and indigenous culinary heritages, Argentine gastronomy is simply delicious. Among the specialities, don't miss out on a good "Asado", the Argentine barbecue, empanadas, Dulce de leche, alfajores, but also their soft ice creams for a real Italian touch! To accompany all these delicious dishes, taste the famous Maté, to be shared according to their tradition.

  • Découvrir la culture Gaucho
    Ranch de "Gauchos"

    Découvrir la culture Gaucho

    Far away from the big cities and Western influence, there is the Gauchos community, which are the Argentine ‘’cowboys’’. To get to know this culture better, you can go on a one day trip to meet these communities. You will have the chance to go on magnificent horse rides, taste the most exquisite "Asados" Argentine barbecues, and have a demonstration of local dances. An ideal excursion for anyone looking for some folklore.

  • Assister à un match de foot
    Le stade "El Monumental" River Plate

    Assister à un match de foot

    The least we can say is that Argentines are real football fans. If you go to Buenos Aires, don't miss out on the opportunity to visit the city's iconic stadiums: The Monumental and the Bombonera. But the best thing to do is to attend a game. You will be able to experience the atmosphere and fervour so typical of Argentine fans.

  • Visiter les caves à vin

    Visiter les caves à vin

    Some regions such as Mendoza are specialized in the production of wine. Enjoy the most delicious grape varieties by visiting all the vineyards in the region. In Argentina, it is easy to find tours which take you to visit the best cellars. From leading brands to small local producers, each vineyard has its own particularity: vines, production area etc, you can visit everything! Finishing of course with a tasting of their best wines.

  • Danser le Tango
    Couple de danseurs

    Danser le Tango

    Tango is the most popular dance in Buenos Aires. You can hear tango music in every café in the city. Feel free to visit specialized restaurants or cabarets to see the best dancing demonstrations. You will see passionate couples dedicated to the realisation of this spectacular show. Do you want to learn? Why not take a Tango class at a dance school? Many of them offer courses ranging from half a day to several days, adapted to all levels.

  • Faire une visite guidée de Buenos Aires
    Quartier touristique de La Boca à Buenos Aires

    Faire une visite guidée de Buenos Aires

    The Argentine capital is full of surprises, each district has something different to offer. Benefit from local guides who will take you on a guided tour of the city and personalize your tour according to your main interests: architecture, history, gastronomy, etc. This way you will be sure to see the best of Buenos Aires while learning a lot more about Argentine culture and patrimony.