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Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory composed of over 100 largely uninhabited islands and coral islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Over 600 miles from the east coast of America, Bermuda shares characteristics of the Caribbean Islands, notably the subtropical climate. Bermuda has all the beauty and charm of a tropical island: turquoise water, fine sand beaches, coral reefs and multi-coloured fish. Between lazing on the beach and water sports (such as diving), you won’t tire of the islands during your unforgettable holiday. Bermuda’s most beautiful beaches, characterised by their pink sand, are to be found to the south of the largest island, Grand Bermuda.
The archipelago is not limited to beaches and coral reefs. The island’s rich past is visible in the architecture of its two major towns, and is an attraction in itself. The capital, Hamilton, has colonial monuments and 19th century fortifications from which you can admire the city. Saint George’s, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a city of undeniable charm, with its narrow streets lined with old houses and fortifications.
In the Royal Naval port, you can shop or visit the maritime museum established in the islands’ largest fort where you can view shipwrecks and take in the admirable panorama.
The botanical garden’s luxuriant vegetation will delight nature lovers who can enjoy the wonderful hibiscus flowers and other tropical species of plant.

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