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You don't need to be mining for green diamonds or in search of Eldorado to discover this country which is so warmly opening up to tourism. Colombia is a world away: let yourself be enchanted by the rhythm of salsa; sleep in a hammock in a shack in the Andean foothills; discover pre-columbian ruins in the lost city or the salt cathedral of Zipaquira; be awed by the wonders of the Bogota gold museum; enjoy the charm of waking in a colonial villa in Cartegena; glide down the Amazon to meet the Witoto Indians; hike through the rainforest; or take a cruise on the Caribbean. Nicknamed "Locombia" (the crazy country) after the guerrilla warfare, cocaine cartels and violence which once reigned, Colombia is nevertheless a choice destination. It truly is a land of myths and legends and attracts visitors for its dynamic, multicultural people, the beauty of its towns, the unsurpassed Caribbean beaches, the cordillera, the Andean peaks and the Amazon in all its splendour.

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Marine's tips, local guide

Marine's tips, local guide


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