What to do in Costa Rica? 10 activity ideas

Paul, Blogger
Paul, Blogger

Vos billets en poche, vous êtes déjà en plein préparatif de votre prochain voyage au Costa Rica. Vous avez réglé toutes les formalités du départ et vous êtes en train de préparer le programme de vos vacances. Pour vous donner un petit coup de pouce, découvrez notre sélection des meilleures activités à faire au Costa Rica. Un petit condensé de choses à voir et d’expériences à vivre absolument durant votre séjour. Destination nature par excellence, le Costa Rica est un pays à découvrir si vous aimez la randonnée et l’observation de la faune et de la flore. Mais il permet également de pratiquer une multitude d’activités sportives allant de la plongée au rafting, en passant par le surf ou l'accrobranche. Et si vous êtes en quête d’expériences zen, les nombreux spas et sources chaudes du pays vous permettront de profiter du voyage en toute quiétude.

  • Go on a rafting excursion
    Rafting Costa Rica

    Go on a rafting excursion

    Costa Rica is ideal for rafting. You can either navigate along the tranquil rivers or give yourself an adrenaline shot rafting across the jungle. Among the most popular spots for rafting, we recommend Rio Sarapiqui and Rio Pacuare. Go to Manuel Antonio National Park for a family-friendly rafting experience.

  • Taking surfing lessons
    Surf in Santa Teresa

    Taking surfing lessons

    Costa Rica is a popular place for surfing. Powerful waves from the Pacific ocean attract surfers from all parts of the globe. Certain destinations such as Jaco, Dominical or Samara even made it their speciality. These coastal cities are also known for their nightlife. Surf clubs, present on all the beaches of the country, offer activities and courses for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, surfing in Costa Rica is an experience you should not miss.

  • Trekking in the jungle
    Trekking in the tropical forest

    Trekking in the jungle

    Go trekking in the jungle: Costa Rica is a choice destination for hiking and trekking lovers. Climb volcanos or go trekking into the heart of the jungle as there are many places to hike the country. All national parks offer hiking tours that can last several days. The Arenal Volcano National Park, the Corcovado or the Cerro Chirripo are among the most beautiful places to go trekking in Costa Rica.

  • Go horse riding into the jungle
    Horse riding on Samara beach

    Go horse riding into the jungle

    By the sea, into the jungle or by the volcanos, you can go horse riding almost anywhere in Costa Rica. Indeed, the country has a very ancient equestrian tradition, and there are many ranches in Guanacaste. Horse trips are an excellent way of discovering the fauna and the flora of the country.

  • Go on a zip line canopy tour
    Zip line above the jungle

    Go on a zip line canopy tour

    You've been dreaming about seeing the jungle from the sky by flying across the canopy? Well, it is possible in Costa Rica. It is even one of the most popular activities for families visiting the country. Ziplines and suspended bridges will make you see the forest from a different perspective. Into the natural reserve of Monteverde, on the Pacific coast, people of all ages will be able to experience the thrill of the moment thanks to itineraries adapted to every levels and age.

  • Dive into the Pacific Ocean

    Dive into the Pacific Ocean

    Costa Rica is one of the best destinations in central America for diving. Turtles, dolphins, humpback whales or sharks, the surrounding waters are swarming with beautiful animals to observe. The best spots to dive are located on the west coast, you can easily observe tropical fish by diving into the submarine reserve of Isla Del Cano or on a trip to Coco Island.

  • Swim in the hot springs
    Hot springs in the Fortuna region

    Swim in the hot springs

    Volcanoes are among the marvels you have to see in Costa Rica. Thanks to intense volcanic activity, hot springs are to be found everywhere in the country. Lots of travellers are coming to Costa Rica to enjoy the benefits of the sulfurous waters. Natural pools and thermal sources are legions in the country. You can swim in the Fortuna region, at the feet of the Cerro Chirripo or in the peculiar pools of the Rio Negro.

  • Observe sea turtles on nesting beaches
    Turtules in the Tortugero National Park

    Observe sea turtles on nesting beaches

    Between July and December, the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica shelters thousand of turtles coming on the beaches in order to lay their eggs. It is possible to observe this phenomenon at night during excursions. Tortuguero National Park is the best place to witness the laying of eggs. The Sea Turtle Conservancy Visitor Center offers educational tours, supervised by a nature guide. It is an unforgettable experience.

  • Observe dolphins and whales
    Humpback whales in Ballena National Park

    Observe dolphins and whales

    Going on a cruise to watch whales in Costa Rica will allow you to go and meet the biggest cetaceans on the planet. The humpback whale is the most easily observable species during a sea trip. Costa Rica has many spots where you can easily observe whales and dolphins. You can book a cruise to watch them from Ballena National Park or from the Osa Peninsula.

  • Visit a coffee plantation
    Coffee plantation

    Visit a coffee plantation

    If you are looking for an original and unique activity in Costa Rica, how about discovering one of the many coffee plantations in the country? During half-day guided tour, you will learn more about how coffee is grown and on plantation work. Of course, the visit ends with a tasting of Costa Rica’s best coffee. Most coffee plantations are located in the mountains in the middle of Costa Rica.