What to do in Croatia? 10 activity ideas

Lucie, Travel journalist
Lucie, Travel journalist

Croatia is a country of many different landscapes. Up North, the lush green environment is the perfect setting for outdoor activities and adventure. The Adriatic coastline is great for lazing on the beach and whether it's in lakes or waterfalls, water is omnipresent in this country.
The region’s natural parks are a popular destination for hikers. The rest of the country will also appeal to travellers in search of peace, nature and a cultural experience. Croatia attracts tourists for its crystal clear water, beautiful scenery and historical villages, and let's not forget the local cuisine: simple and tasty dishes with a touch of Mediterranean sun. Still not sure what to do while you're in Croatia? Check out this list of fun activities and attractions.

  • Cycle down the Adriatic coast
    Cycle along the coast

    Cycle down the Adriatic coast

    With mild temperatures all year round, sunny Croatia is great for cycling tours. Hop on and enjoy the rocky ride and the beautiful scenery it has to offer. The dazzling shades of blue are bound to impress you. Need a break? Stop off and visit one of the many pretty villages along the way. An exciting adventure that will leave everlasting memories.

  • Go hiking in national parks
    Hiking in Plitvice National Park

    Go hiking in national parks

    I could spend hours telling you about the wonders of Plitvice National Park with its emerald green water and gorgeous cascades. Or the Krka waterfalls which you can even swim in. But it's better if you go and see for yourself! Walking through this unspoiled nature will definitely make your stay worthwhile. There are many other national parks that are also worth visiting. Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted to find out that these parks attract few tourists. Embark on this memorable journey and discover Croatia's beautiful landscapes.

  • Take a kayak and uncover the secrets of Lokrum Island
    Kayaking around Lokrum Island

    Take a kayak and uncover the secrets of Lokrum Island

    Have you heard about the mystery that surrounds the small island of Lokrum located in Dubrovnik bay? Nobody is allowed to spend the night there... in fact most locals refuse to even set foot there! Want to know more about the legend of Lokrum? Hire a kayak and head for a tour around Dubrovnik or listen and learn about the island's history with one of the many interesting guides. A fun and athletic daytime activity.

  • Go on a cruise and explore the coastline
    Rent a boat to discover the islands

    Go on a cruise and explore the coastline

    There are hundreds of tiny islands in Croatia… What better than a cruise to go island-hopping? If you're looking for something different to do, then a cruise is a great idea. You won't be disappointed as this experience will take you on the trail of hidden treasures that are inaccessible to most tourists. Visit the historical sites and typical villages then head to the islands off the coast to relax. The perfect opportunity to forget everyday life.

  • Relax on a dream beach
    Beach on Makarska Riviera

    Relax on a dream beach

    Croatia boasts some of the prettiest beaches in Europe. Whether you're on the islands or heading down the coastline, throw down your towel on one of the many stretches of sand and enjoy the peace. Take a break after a long walk and dive into the crystal clear water or just laze on the beach.

  • Explore the caves
    The Blue Cave on Biševo Island

    Explore the caves

    If you're looking for something unusual to do, then head to the blue cave off the coast of Split. A natural phenomenon turns the water a captivating colour as the sunlight reflects off the sea through a crack in the cave. This unique experience is the opportunity to swim in turquoise blue water. Don't forget your snorkel equipment to explore underwater. An exciting experience that you won't forget.

  • Go island-hopping on a catamaran
    Excursion on the beaches of Dalmatia

    Go island-hopping on a catamaran

    The natural beauty of the coastline is breathtaking. Observing it from a boat is guaranteed to be a magical experience. No doubt that the crystal blue water will definitely make you want to dive in. You will also get the chance to enjoy unique views of impressive cliffs and the orange rooftops of small towns. Sail towards Brac island and its famous Zlatni beach or discover the charm of life in Hvar.

  • Taste the local cuisine
    Typical octopus dish

    Taste the local cuisine

    Food in Croatia is good and generally cheap. Local dishes include cold meats, seafood or octopus salad. You can also enjoy a tasty grilled fish in almost any restaurant. The perfect opportunity to indulge.

  • Visit Montenegro and Kotor Bay
    Kotor Bay

    Visit Montenegro and Kotor Bay

    Montenegro is too small a country to write a guide about it but there are some beautiful places yet to be explored. While you're in Dubrovnik, travel down to Montenegro and discover the hidden gem of Kotor Bay. This charming coastal village offers stunning seaviews surrounded by mountains. Climb the 1420 stairs up to the top of the Kotor fortress and enjoy the impressive ocean panorama.

  • Learn all about Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik
    Game of Thrones scene set in Dubrovnik

    Learn all about Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik

    Did you know that many scenes from the series Game of Thrones were filmed in the streets of Dubrovnik? Take a guided tour around the city to learn more about the secrets on set and behind the scenes. A unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Jon Snow or Daenerys.