What to do in Cuba? 10 activity ideas

Claire, Journalist and travel blogger
Claire, Journalist and travel blogger

There all sorts of things to do in Cuba and no time to be bored. In a few weeks I got the chance to try out plenty of fun activities. Here are a few of them that are unforgettable. Local guides are the best way to find out about Cuban culture, some of them even offer to take you on a tour in a vintage American car. You must also attend one of the many concerts that take place all over the country. Laze on the beach and enjoy the crystal clear water or treat yourself to a cruise or a diving trip. Food-lovers will enjoy the crayfish specialties or visiting local food factories. Get a dose of adrenaline and explore the Cuban countryside in a Jeep.
Discover our selection of activities and find out what to do in Cuba:

  • Visit the city like a local

    Visit the city like a local

    A local guide is the best way to discover as much as you can in a short time and there are all sorts of different tours to choose from: On foot, on a bus, on bikes, in a vintage car or even on a horse! The guide will offer a tailored tour, bringing his own personal touch and making sure you enjoy yourself.

  • Visit Havana in a vintage American car

    Visit Havana in a vintage American car

    Visiting Havana is great, doing it behind the wheel of a superb classic car is even better. An unmissable experience. Rent one for a few hours and drive around with a local guide to discover the city's main attractions like the Malecon, Revolution Square or the hotel Miramar.

  • Attend a local concert

    Attend a local concert

    Cuba is the country of music! You will quickly realize that you cannot walk 5 minutes without hearing live bands. Get lost in the city's streets and follow the sound of the music. There are also legendary places in Havana that offer spectacular shows and concerts.

  • Discover local products

    Discover local products

    Try something different! Everyone knows that Cuba is the country of cigars and rum. But do you know how they are made? Cities like Viñales for cigars or Havana for rum, offer guided tours to discover the entire production system. As a bonus, you can even taste the products once the visit is over and buy them at reduced prices.

  • Follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway

    Follow in the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway

    With a rich culture and spectacular landscapes, Cuba has inspired many works. Painters, writers, filmmakers, have all fallen under its spell. The best known, Ernest Hemingway, left his footprints everywhere on the island: museums, streets, bars, hotels, you can even follow his footsteps through a tour dedicated to him. You will be able to discover the hidden areas that inspired these artists.

  • Diving


    With or without an air tank, Cuba is a fabulous destination for diving. Some sites are among the best in Latin America, and for good reason. The conditions are ideal with hot, crystal clear water and amazing fauna and flora to explore. Head to the beach with a mask and snorkel or experience the underwater world on a diving trip.

  • Discover Cuba in a jeep

    Discover Cuba in a jeep

    Although most tourist sites are within walking distance, some places are worth taking a tour in a Jeep. For example, the Yumuri Valley and the Varadero area are quite surprising! Discover the rugged nature, cut off from the rest of the world. Local guides introduce you to their land in a different light and share their love for these unique landscapes.

  • Go on a cruise

    Go on a cruise

    A cruise is definitely a great option to visit Cuba's beautiful beaches. Whether it's for one or more days, a boat cruise will take you to quieter islands where you can swim in the transparent waters of the Caribbean Sea. Sometimes you can even encounter dolphins or opt for a diving trip.

  • Taste the fresh crayfish

    Taste the fresh crayfish

    Crayfish is definitely a dish you must try when visiting Cuba, especially if you get the chance to visit fishing villages. Every day, fishermen bring back gigantic crayfish which are then cooked and served in all sorts of different ways. It's a very affordable dish that you will get to taste at least once.

  • Laze on the beach

    Laze on the beach

    In Cuba, there are some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Fine sand, turquoise water and coconut trees await you for such delightful moments of relaxation that you will never want to leave. Put on your swimsuit, lay back and enjoy a meal or a cocktail! The perfect way to recharge your batteries and relax.