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The capital of Japan is a must-go to discover the many different aspects of the country. From the trendy boutiques of the Shibuya district to the video games and electronic stores in the Akihabara district, to the calming and relaxing Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, each district has its own unique atmosphere. Kyoto, the former capital of the country, offers a calmer atmosphere. In the spring, a stroll along the Philosopher’s walk is a great opportunity to admire the blooming cherry trees. The city is also famous for its Zen temples and gardens. Visitors will be taken on a journey through history by a visit of Himeji Castle and of the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima. In the Land of the Rising Sun, there is no need to look for adrenaline in order to enjoy your trip, people mainly come here to relax and recharge their batteries. Climbing Mount Fuji is one of the few activities for athletes. You should leave very early in the morning to admire the sunrise from the top, a breathtaking spectacle. Sports enthusiasts will also love the parks in Hokkaido that are ideal for hiking. In the north of Honshu Island, a small cruise in Matsushima Bay is very relaxing. A trip to Japan won't leave you indifferent.

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Between skyscrapers in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto and the zen gardens of Buddhist temples, Japan evokes contrasting images. The country shines with its cultural richness, the result of a turbulent and enigmatic past, but also thanks to its breathtaking landscapes! The seaside resorts and spa resorts won't disappoint you and offer a relaxing stay. Finally, Japan is also a land of traditions with ancestral culture and gastronomy, a land with its own typical festivities.

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Overview of 8 tourist regions

photo Chubu


In this region, located in the centre of the island, stand the Japanese Alps. Go on amazing hikes in this untouched landscape, like the ascent of Mount Fuji.

photo Chugoku & Kansai

Chugoku & Kansai

The Kansai region is considered to be the most traditional part of the country, don't miss out on the many castles and imperial cities. As for the Chugoku region, it is well known for its strong cultural and historical heritage.

photo Hokkaido


This region is a true natural paradise thanks to its many rivers, mountains, lakes, plains and the sea. Hakodate, the third largest city on the country, has many attractions for visitors to discover.

photo Kanto


This region is home to the capital city, Tokyo, this fabulous metropolis which attracts many tourists. Not far from Tokyo, discover the Nikko Mountains and the second most populated city in the country: Yokohama.

photo Kyushu


This subtropical island is the cradle of Japanese civilization and home to numerous archipelagos, two volcanoes and amazing thermal springs.



Also called the “Japanese Hawaii”, the islands of Okinawa once belonged to the Ryukyu Kingdom. Dream beaches and turquoise water make these islands a perfect destination for relaxation!

photo Shikoku


Often neglected by tourists, this region has quite a lot of attractions to offer: Awa-Odori dance festival, Shikoku 88-temple pilgrimage, Kochi Castle and many others to discover...

photo Tohoku


Between the Pacific coast and the Sea of Japan, this region is sadly known for having experienced the 2011 earthquake and tsunami followed by the nuclear incident. Yet, it offers superb landscapes such as Lake Towada, a true Japanese natural jewel.

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CULT Travelling inside the country can be quite expensive, however, Japan has one of the best railway networks in the world, so opt for the Japan Rail Pass which allows you to save money by not buying a train ticket for each journey. Domestic flights can also be a good option, there is a special package for tourists: the Star Alliance Japan Airpass which allows up to five domestic flights and a lot of money saving. Finally, Japan is an island nation, and the many islands are connected by ferry services.

Carte des incontournables JAPAN