What to do in Jordan? 8 activity ideas

  • Floating on the Dead Sea
    Détente dans la mer Morte

    Floating on the Dead Sea

    Another highlight of a trip to Jordan is floating in the salt water of the Dead Sea. It’s an incredible and confusing experience to float in the water, which feels oily and really stings. You will quickly discover that you can’t paddle around for long - half an hour is plenty. The numerous therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea’s salt and mud have been known for years, particularly as an aid to various skin conditions. So don’t hesitate to make the most of nature’s own free spa treatment.

  • Hiking in Dana Valley

    Hiking in Dana Valley

    The Dana biosphere reserve offers plenty of opportunities for trekking, for a day or more. You can get a glimpse of the reserve’s beauty taking the Rummana Trail, one of the easiest routes, which takes you along the Dana Canyon for several hours. The Wadi Dana Trail is the most popular route, but it does require some effort as 10 miles separate Dana from Feynan Ecolodge, at the end of the route. The RSCN which manages the reserve can guide you through along the trails on foot or occasionally on mountain bike.

  • Canyoning in Wadi Mujib
    Le Wadi Mujib Siq Trail

    Canyoning in Wadi Mujib

    Feeling adventurous? This canyon is for you! This is undoubtably one of the highlights of a visit to Jordan. The Imposing Wadi Mujib gorge can be explored on foot or superb hikes through the water. The Siq Trail is the shortest and easiest, but not lacking in adrenaline. It is suitable for beginners as it is not technically difficult, although there are rapids and slippery rocks to climb. It’s a guaranteed unforgettable experience.

  • Diving or snorkeling in Aqaba
    La station balnéaire d'Aqaba

    Diving or snorkeling in Aqaba

    Between Aquaba and the Dead Sea is a 16 mile stretch of coastline along the Red Sea which diving enthusiasts rate highly. Aquaba is a seaside resort with several beaches where you can don your snorkel mask and fins to observe schools of fish and multi-coloured coral. For more privacy, the private Berenice Beach 10 miles south of the city, is a nice place for diving or just to relax. Diving is an unforgettable activity in Jordan, and there are numerous dive sites to explore the depths of Aquaba Bay.

  • Exploring Wadi Rum desert
    Jeep dans le Wadi Rum

    Exploring Wadi Rum desert

    This mythical, mountainous dessert with enormous rocks sculpted by the wind will delight the young and old. Whether on foot, in a 4x4 or gliding down the dunes on a sand board, the Wadi Rum is synonymous with adventure. Discovering Bedouin culture reveals the unconditional love this people has for the desert. Spending a night in the silent heart of the desert is a magnificent experience which will stay with you for life.

  • Exploring King's Highway
    La Route du Roi

    Exploring King's Highway

    Taking this route allows the traveller to discover a great number of natural wonders and the historical riches of Jordan’s ancient and biblical past. A visit to this age old caravan trail is an essential part of discovering Jordan’s historic riches. The route begins in Madaba where you can see magnificent Byzantine mosaics. It continues to Mount Nebo where Moses saw the Promised Land, then to Kerak and Shobak, two Crusader fortresses which are well worth a visit. Among high plateaus and wadis (valleys) the King’s Highway reveals its beauty around every bend in the road.

  • Visiting Jordan's historical heritage
    Site antique de Jerash

    Visiting Jordan's historical heritage

    The Roman ruins in Jordan are among the most beautiful in the Middle East. In the centre of Amman, the fortress and the amphitheatre are well preserved evidence of the Roman occupation. The huge ancient site of Jerash (known in ancient times as Geresa) was buried in sand for centuries and remains exceptionally well preserved. The ruins in Umm Quias are not so heavily visited, but they make for a pleasant excursion with spectacular views across the Jordan Valley.

  • Discover Petra, the gem of the desert
    Le site de Pétra

    Discover Petra, the gem of the desert

    Petra lives up to its promises. The walk through the heart of Siq is extraordinary, revealing Al Khazneh and other unexpected treasures along the way. There are a number of walking routes allowing you to take in the beauty of the site at your own pace. The tombs carved into the rock are architectural marvels and the Al Deir Monastery is even more imposing than the famous Treasury. Only by walking the Pink city’s many promontories can you really appreciate the immensity of this Nabatean city.