Plan an amazing trip to Papua New Guinea

Situated below the equator in the South Pacific Ocean, Papua New Guinea is an ideal destination for travellers looking for adventure and authenticity, off the beaten track.
This Indonesian territory is among the last untamed places in the world. Nature lovers will be overwhelmed by the gorgeous, abundant landscapes. The wild flora and fauna includes many rare and mysterious birds.
Take a boat trip on Lake Sentani and explore the little fishing islands and houses on stilts. You’ll discover a welcoming population renowned for their magnificent traditional wooden sculptures.
To the north of Papua New Guinea, the island of Biak is a real tropical paradise of white sand beaches and turquoise water. Raja Empat’s colourful coral reefs are beautifully preserved and will delight scuba diving enthusiasts.
Central Papua is ideal walking country: walk from village to village the length along side the imposing mountains of the Baliem Valley. Here you will encounter the ethnic Yani and Dani people and discover their ancestral culture. It’s an unforgettable encounter. You can also experience the incredible ceremonies at the Baliem Valley and Danau Sentani festivals.
Walking through the heart of the preserved, natural forest landscape is a unique experience. Then there are the historic sites of the Second World War including Mon Wihlem and Kokoda Track.
Adventure awaits…!

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