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Welcome to Paraguay! Located between Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, this latin American country welcomes you for a magical stay.
Start with a visit to the capital, Asunción, and its historic monuments, a treasure trove of marvellous architecture such as the majestic cathedral and the Pantheon of National Heroes. You can also discover Paraguay’s fascinating history there. Then head south east to Encarnación, another city known for its cultural sites such as the famous ruins of Jesús de Taravague, a Jesuit mission now classed as a UNESCO world heritage site.
Nature lovers can enjoy Paraguay’s wonderful preserved landscapes. Head to the Chaco Valley, a vast territory described as the wildest place in all South America. The area contains fascinating fauna including tapirs, jaguars and the maned wolf. You will also see many species of exotic and luxuriant flora including giant cacti and the famous bottle trees, known for their capacity to store water. You can also encounter the indigenous Guaranis who live in the heart of the forest.
Finish your journey at Laguna Blanca, a magnificent natural pool bordered by a white sand beach. Enjoy the lake’s transparent water where you can swim or take part in aquatic sports such as sailing or kayaking. In the evening, you can watch the sun set magnificently below the lake.

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