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A south east Asian country in the South China Sea, to the west of the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines are an archipelago of more than 7,000 largely mountainous volcanic islands covered in primitive tropical forest. The country has experienced multiple cultural influences and its long occupation by the Spanish, creating a Catholic state in a predominantly Buddhist and Muslim region, has left an impression through its religious monuments.
The country is full of natural and cultural riches. Owing to the remarkable biodiversity of its sea bed, the coast is favourable for diving in such places as the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Reserve. A multitude of idyllic islands with fine sandy beaches scatter the archipelago, are appreciated by those who enjoy lazing by the water’s edge.
If you enjoy wildlife and spectacular landscapes, visit the numerous nature reserve classed as UNESCO world heritage sites. The Puerto Princessa National Park has an underground river and impressive caves that can be explored in dugout canoes. In the Hamiguitan Mountains, you can appreciate the rich variety of animal and plant life. On the island of Cebu, you can enjoy bathing in the Kawasan waterfall or climbing the slopes of numerous volcanoes.
Luzon, the largest island contains the capital, Manila. A modern and lively town, it retains traces of its colonial architecture (baroque churches with splendid altarpieces) and has some remarkable museums. On this island, don’t miss the Banaue rice terraces which stretch as far as the eye can see and are classed as UNESCO world heritage sites, and Vigan, an example of a perfectly preserved Spanish colonial town where European and Asian cultures combine perfectly.
This archipelago whose inhabitants ares so welcoming, is full of discoveries, and your journey has barely begun…

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