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Welcome to Réunion! 1,500 square miles of land in the Indian Ocean which attracts thousands of tourists every year, who visit to discover its extraordinary natural riches. Although you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of the west coast, that’s not really what Réunion is all about. Réunion is rugged nature and a fiery temperament. With its two active volcanoes, Piton and Fournaise, known for their frequent and spectacular eruptions, Réunion attracts nature lovers and fans of outdoor sports. Its terrain has been shaped by centuries of volcanic activity. footpaths through its valleys and along steep slopes take you into the incredibly varied landscape: luxuriant forests, cultivated fields, vertiginous waterfalls and the lunar like landscapes on the sides of the volcanoes.
As well as its natural heritage, now classed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Réunion’s history brought together people from all over the world - from Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a melting pot which is still reflected today in Réunion’s traditions: the religion, the festivals, the food, and the cultural heritage all owe to different societies. A journey to Réunion cannot be described, it has to be experienced and improvised at the discretion of the encounters and discoveries you make.

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