Plan an amazing trip to the Solomon Islands

Located in the south east pacific, the Solomon Islands are an ideal destination for those seeking exoticism and adventure.
Guadalcanal is the largest of the Solomon Islands and the capital, Honiara, is found here. Scarred by the second world war, you can still see the wrecks of planes and bunkers as you walk the areas surrounding the city. Don’t forget to visit the market in the heart of Honiara where you can sample the tasty local specialities, and discover all sorts of foods and local crafts.
Natural and untamed, the Solomon archipelago’s natural environment is lush and well preserved. Magnificent landscapes and seascapes are to be seen.
You can also explore the rich marine life of the coral reefs where you are almost certain to see three of the world’s seven species of sea turtle.
Head to the west of Guadalcanal to meet the welcoming inhabitants who still live a traditional lifestyle. You can discover their culture and learn how to weave the traditional local baskets. You can also experience the traditional dance and song accompanied by the music of bamboo pan pipes. Then head to Vangunu where you can see the exceptional Marovo Lagoon, one of the largest sea water lagoons in the world. Bordered by a double coral reef, this unique environment is full of marine life including dolphins and majestic manta rays.
Finally, if you have the opportunity, keep an eye on Kavachi, the active underwater volcano whose eruptions can appear on the surface of the water.

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