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Nicknamed the 'Rainbow Nation', South Africa’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and colourful atmosphere is a big attraction for visitors. Spoiled by Mother Nature, a trip to South Africa promises breathtaking landscapes, nature reserves and national parks, a veritable seventh heaven for nature lovers and photograph enthusiasts alike. Add to that its sandy beaches and mountain ranges and you then also have a huge range of sports and leisure activities at your fingertips. With its prosperous economy and modern infrastructure, South Africa can be visited at any time of the year.

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South Africa enjoys a varied climate which is mostly hot and dry. The Cape region enjoys a Mediterranean climate. The east of the country, Johannesburg in particular, is mainly visited during the winter when the climate is dry and sunny despite sometimes stormy weather in the late afternoon. The west coast of South Africa has a desert climate.


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- The high cost of travel
- Health and safety issues, especially in larger towns and cities

As Africa's leading economic power, South Africa has modern infrastructures. The diversity of the local landscape is great for taking part in several sports and leisure activities. Generally blessed with a temperate climate, South Africa can be visited at any time of the year.

Local craftsmanship is a mixture of English, Indian and Afrikaner-inspired culture.

The cuisine of South Africa is also somewhat cosmopolitan. Thus, the country is full of pizzerias and steak-houses, which serve basted meat with caramelized sauces, as well as Indian, Oriental and Asian restaurants. Typical South African cuisine is inspired by this multiculturalism. "Cape Malay" but also carpaccio, biltong, beef steaks and stews and other bush animals are a must-try. Other typical dishes include bobotie, lesosatie and tomato bredie. Local products such as trout and seafood are available in a variety of tasty dishes to go with a cold beer - Castle Lager or Milk Stout - or dry and semi-sweet ciders.

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