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Escape to the heart of the South Pacific. The Kingdom of Tonga is a vast archipelago of 176 islands which offer an unforgettable holiday in an idyllic location.
On the principal island, Tongatapu, you can enjoy magnificent sandy beaches - lined with coconut palms for an additional touch of the exotic. And you can explore the wonderful coral reefs and their abundant marine life. In the capital, Nuku’alofa you can visit the famous wooden structure of the Basilica of Saint Anthony de Padua. Then take a stroll along the island’s south coast to take in its untamed landscape.The west coast of Tongatapu is also known for its plantations, notably of vanilla.
The islands’ rich flora and fauna is surprising and will delight nature lovers. You will be astonished by the world’s largest banyan tree, taller than 30 metres with roots over 25 metres long. Eua National Park is full of wildlife including the rare Pompadour parrot with its bright red foliage.
If you’re looking for adventure, head for the north of Tonga in the Vava’u archipelago where a range of water sports await. Diving, snorkeling, kayaking or even sailing, there’s something for everyone. A stay on this island will allow you to enjoy Neiafu town’s bars and restaurants where you can submerge yourself in the local atmosphere. You can also watch humpback whales from the unspoilt island of Ha’apai - a truly emotional experience.

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