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Experience the unforgettable in Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean islands off the coast of Venezuela.
Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498, these islands are ideal for those in search of history and exotic wildlife. Tobago, the smaller of the two islands is the most unspoilt and authentic. You will love discovering its wonderful landscapes. Take the walking trails around the mountains and forests to see the rich endemic flora and fauna. You can relax on idyllic beaches and dive into the turquoise water to discover the abundant colourful marine life of the sea bed.
The Caribbean’s most famous carnival takes place on the island of Trinidad. It’s an unmissable national tradition where you can dance to the animated rhythm of the islands’ famous calypso music. The capital, Port of Spain, is the ideal place to discover the history of the archipelago, which is marked by cultural miscegenation. The city contains a wealth of architectural gems including the National Museum, the cathedral, Victorian houses and Fort George. To the south of the island are beautiful beaches and other unspoilt landscapes. Valencia’s tropical forest is luxuriant and Asa Wright is unmissable for its bird life.
The culinary specialities of Trinidad and Tobago are marked by different cultures, but are strongly influenced by Indian tradition. Try delicious rotis and other Indian flatbreads stuffed with channa - chickpea curry.
Owing to their diverse history, Trinidad and Tobago are complementary and magical places to meet wonderful people.

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