Beaches in Mallorca

Grandes plages de sable blanc ou calas isolées ? À Majorque, chacun trouvera l’endroit idéal pour bronzer ! Grâce à notre carte des plages, vous êtes sûrs de dénicher la plage de rêve à deux pas de votre lieu de vacances !

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The most beautiful beaches

plage Alcudia carte


This beach is the island’s best known and most visited beach and there are good reasons for that. With one side encircled by a pine forest where you can picnic with the family, the 3 km of white sand beach is patrolled well. You can get there easily by car or by bus and there is disabled access too.

plage Es Calonet carte

Es Calonet

Here is a pretty little cove known only to locals and regular visitors in the know. A great location for swimming - you can dive from the cliffs into the water. Go with friends or teenagers. However, it is less safe for younger children. It is a little difficult to get to via steps cut into the rock, but believe us, you won’t be disappointed.

plage Port de Soller carte

Port de Soller

The family beach par excellence! Easily accessible by car and bus or on foot if you are based in Sóller, the beach is safe and well patrolled. You’ll find all the facilities of a beach situated in a town: showers, disabled access, pedalo and deck chair hire, and you can have a drink or eat an ice cream at the water’s edge. Ideal for spending an afternoon without having to go too far.

plage Punta des Grells (Palma) carte

Punta des Grells (Palma)

Palma’s main beach stretches over acres of white sand. White sand? It’s difficult to tell with the mass of beach towels. If pebble beaches don’t bother you, flee the crowds for Punta des Grells. About a mile and a half from the town centre, the water is incredible clear. The shoreline descends steeply and swimming is not advised in high winds. Take the Ma19 towards Porto Pi to get to the beach.

plage Sa Calobra carte

Sa Calobra

A magnificent beach just north of Sóller. Access is via a tunnel carved into the rock, with windows framing the turquoise sea. Very busy, it’s best to arrive early in the morning, as the beach is not very big. A short distance from the sea, you will find the River Torrent de Paréis, a pleasant spot to lay your towel down. The winding road that takes you there is known as the ‘necktie’s knot’.

plage Cala Agulla carte

Cala Agulla

Not far from Capdepera, this beach forms part of a conservation area and is therefore not built up. Although heavily visited, this beautiful beach is vast. Surrounded by pines, it is the perfect place for swimming and beach sports. Another plus point: the beach is well patrolled. Access is easy from Capdepera and there is a carpark (charged for). The beach is twinned with Cala Gat (see below).

plage Platja de Muro carte

Platja de Muro

Close to Can Picafort and Alcudia, this shallow beach is ideal for taking the children swimming. Over a mile long, you’ll easily find a place even though the beach is well used. Easy to get to by car and bus, the beach has disabled access and is patrolled. Close at hand is Albufera natural park, at the heart of which is Es Comu beach a short walk away. It’s a good choice if you want to swim in a wonderful natural environment with fewer people around.

plage Cala Llombards carte

Cala Llombards

Close to Santanyi, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca. Bordered with a pine forest and dominated by impressive cliffs, the water shimmers in emerald and deep blue. Easy to reach by car (there is no bus stop) and parking is free. From the beach, paths run along the cliffs to the pavilion which offers breathtaking views of the bay.

plage Es Trenc carte

Es Trenc

Not far from Colonia Sant Jordi, this beach is over a mile long. This huge virgin space in one of the last undeveloped areas is among the best known and most loved in Mallorca. With shallow, transparent water and white sands it is a truly lush setting. Easily accessible by car or bus, what more could you ask for?

plage Cala Pi (Llucmajor) carte

Cala Pi (Llucmajor)

One of the prettiest beaches in the south of Mallorca. Set between two cliffs which form a fjord of several hundred metres, this beach has a character of its own. Arrive early because, like Sa Calobra, the beach is not very large. Come by car or bus, but access is difficult - you’ll have to descend the steep stairs before you can settle on the beach. But once you’re down there, you’ll be rewarded. The shallow, turquoise, crystalline water is ideal for snorkelling. A small beach bar and attractive beach huts create an attractive picture. Don’t confuse it with…

plage Cala Pi de la Posada (Formentor) carte

Cala Pi de la Posada (Formentor)

The complete opposite of Cala Pi (above) is close to the spectacular Cap Formentor. It is an idyllic setting of incredibly pure water, pines that skirt the water’s edge and dazzling white sand. This well patrolled beach is easy to access by car or bus. Larger than its namesake to the south, it is equally popular. It is said the nearby hotel welcomes the biggest stars… And who hasn’t dreamed of meeting a celebrity in their swimsuit?

plage S’illot carte


Close to Alcudia and Pollença, this pebble beach attracts swimmers to its clear shallow waters. The pine forest and two coves are an idyllic setting. You can walk to the rocky islet (or swim there after rain) which is ideal for teenagers and for snorkelling among the rocks. You can get there easily by car, this beach is loved by tourists and by Mallorcans who often come at the weekend.

plage Cala Gat carte

Cala Gat

This tiny white sand beach is close to Capdepera. Encircled by rocks, it has an undeniable charm. Park in the nearby port of Cala Ratiada and walk to the sheltered bay. You can also park freely close to the beach. For an ideal day out with the children, arrive early to avoid the crowds. Bring a picnic or eat in the port and finish your day at the Fort and botanic gardens in Sa Torre Cega.

plage Cala Fornells carte

Cala Fornells

With its breathtaking panoramic views, this beach is well worth a visit. The beauty of the pure water is matched by the grandeur of the immense rocks. But come to swim and dive rather than sunbathe as the beach is only about 5 metres wide! There’s no room for your parasol, cool-box and sun lounger. But if you do want to catch a few rays, there are restaurants with tables outside at the water’s edge.

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