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If you dream of architectural wonders, far-off lands, resplendent landscapes of steep mountains and deep valleys, unspoilt tropical forests, of places far from the modern world where traditions have been preserved, then Bhutan is the destination for you.
A small Buddhist kingdom (the size of Switzerland), Bhutan is located in the Himalayas, nestled between India and Tibet and close to Nepal. Here, the mountain peaks reach 7,000 metres and offer an ideal environment for trekking. The people are particularly welcoming and have retained their customs, colourful traditional clothing, charming environment and time-worn way of life. Twenty five ethnic groups can be counted and live, for the most part, in the magnificent national parks they share with the particularly rich flora and fauna - snow leopards, Bengal tigers and Himalayan black bears.
In Timphu, the capital, perched at 2,000 metres, you won’t find any office blocks or billboards. The country has been open to tourism for only 40 years and has kept its authenticity. While you are there, visit Trashi Chhoe Dzong, the imposing and richly decorated monastic fortress.
Bhutan has a number of sacred sites. Dzongs, the country’s characteristic monastic fortresses, some of which flank the mountainsides, are impressive. Built for the most part from the 17th century on, their interiors are richly decorated - Punakha dzong has cosmic mandalas, Buddhas and tantric deities. On foot or by donkey, you must visit Taktshang, like a crow’s nest clinging to the cliff face 700 metres above the Paro Valley. It’s an absolute must-see for the incredible beauty of the architecture and its setting.

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