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Prepare for a change of scenery as the land of maharajas takes you on an unforgettable adventure. India is a country rich in culture that offers breathtaking landscapes, architectural gems, safari deserts and colourful markets. It's no wonder that so many filmmakers come to shoot scenes in India, like the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”. But don't expect the glitz and glamour of Bollywood! A trip to India is a genuinely memorable experience for those willing to venture into the heart of this country unlike any other.

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Kailash's tips, India expert

Kailash's tips, India expert


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Typically, the weather in India can be divided into 3 different seasons: hot, humid and cool. Monsoon brings torrential rains and flooding from June to September. This season also brings extreme heat. Temperatures are cooler and more pleasant from November to March.

My favourite month: JANUARY, temperatures are pleasant, and the heat is less suffocating.


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- Indian etiquette requires foreigners to avoid certain behaviour such as talking too much to women or holding your partner's hand
- Extreme poverty in certain areas

- The beauty of Indian monuments and their intricate architecture
- Safaris in the desert regions
- Delicious curries and spices

Department stores and shopping malls are open every day (except Sundays) in major cities such as Delhi and Calcutta. While many sell similar products to Europe, some shops sell handicrafts: clothes, shoes, decorative objects, etc. Markets and bazaars are the best place to haggle prices and get the best deals. Purchase handicrafts from Rajasthan such as silver jewellery, pottery and leather goods.

Indian cuisine is as varied and diverse as the country's landscapes, offering an incredible culinary experience to those seeking new flavours. Tastes and odours vary from one region to another with a notable contrast between the north and the south. In northern India, traditional food includes meat such as lamb or chicken, but never pork. One of the local specialties is to macerate the meat in a mixture of yogurt and chilli before baking it. On the other hand, South Indian cuisine is mostly chicken, and vegetables garnished with curry. Biryani is a fiery but flavourful dish served across the country.

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