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The third most popular country in Africa, Egypt is without any doubt left its mark in the world’s history. Ancient Egypt is still a source of amazement and is still largely appreciated for the richness of its history, the Pharaohs, pyramids and countless museums sheltering unsuspected treasures. But Egypt is not only a destination for Egyptology lovers. The seaside resorts along the Red Sea coast will strike you with their beauty. From Taba Heights to Marsa Alam, the fine sandy beaches and the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea are a source of delight for relaxation, water sports and scuba diving enthusiasts. Egypt combines all king of emotions and will satisfy every traveller\'s profile.

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Each Egyptian city is a journey in itself. Even if the liveliness and proximity to the Pyramids of Giza make Cairo a fascinating destination, one should not hesitate to leave the capital and discover the country from a new angle. Luxor, the ancient Thebes, is a real open-air museum. From the Luxor Museum to the Valley of the Kings, the city conceals unsuspected treasures. Alexandria offers a totally different setting. In the city, in addition to its famous library, also shelters underwater ruins and catacombs with a rich history, not to mention the breathtaking panorama of the Mediterranean sea that can be seen along the cornice.

- It's not possible to see everything Egypt has to offer in one trip.
- Too many tourists in the most popular areas and attractions.

-The splendour of the pyramids and temples, the richness of the museum collections, which recall the greatness of ancient Egypt
- Cruises on the Nile aboard feluccas, traditional boats or floating hotels
- The beauty of the beaches on the Red Sea coast
- Stunning diving spots.

In the Sinai, water activities can be combined with the discovery of ancient ruins. Diving clubs offer various excursions along the coast of the Red Sea, get a chance to observe underwater life. The region is indeed one of the best diving destinations in the world. From Sharm El Sheikh to Marsa Alam, the coral reefs offer a colourful spectacle and are home to a particularly rich fauna and flora. You can also enjoy some extreme sports, such as kite-surfing and skydiving for some extra fun. After the physical effort, enjoy a moment of comfort! Sand bathing, swimming in the hot springs of the desert and the relaxing treatments offered in the wellbeing centres are all great ways to have a break.

The country offers many opportunities for shopping. Do not hesitate to visit the Souks, which are open all week long except on Sundays. You might find authentic objects and souvenirs. These colourful and lively markets are the most beautiful showcase of Egyptian craftsmanship. Bedouin embroideries, jewellery, papyrus... these are some examples of treasures to be brought back from the trip. It will also be an opportunity to try bargaining, a very common practice before buying.

Egyptian cuisine is strongly influenced by Mediterranean culinary traditions. As in the whole Middle East region, sheep is the most popular meat. It is found in kebab, kofta and shawarma. Tahina, a cream made from sesame, and salata baladi, a salad prepared with tomatoes and cucumber are among some of the most popular local specialities. Inspired by Indian byriani, kochery is unique. This well-stocked dish is a mixture of ingredients that may be unlikely: fried onions, macaroni, spaghetti, tomato sauce, etc.

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