What to do in Egypt? 11 activity ideas

Nastasya, Travel content editor
Nastasya, Travel content editor

Most people are not aware of the large variety of landscapes and activities in the country. Travellers looking for historical adventures will go to the Pyramids, Temples and Museums to see for themselves the remnants of this incredible civilization. The natural wonders of Egypt will please nature lovers and adventurers alike, by going on a trip in the desert on camelback, riding on a balloon above the Valley of the Kings or even better, by sailing on the Nile. Finally, sea and sports lovers will be pleased by the many activities available by the Red Sea which has one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world! Taking into account all these possibilities, discover our selection of the most beautiful things to see and do during your trip to Egypt:

  • Discover Egyptian history
    Le temple de Philae

    Discover Egyptian history

    Egypt is one of those rare countries where the historical heritage is what brings tourists, even more than its landscapes perhaps. Everyone has in mind the pharaohs, the pyramids and the magnificent frescoes covered with hieroglyphs, whose construction more than four millennia ago still remains an enigma. You will therefore have all the leisure to discover these remains at your own pace, by making magnificent excursions to the foot of the pyramids of Gizeh, to the heart of the graves of the Valley of the Kings or to the alleys of the temple of Karnac or Philae.

  • Admire Egyptians temples during a Sound and Light show
    Karnak Temple under the lights

    Admire Egyptians temples during a Sound and Light show

    There is no need to talk about the magnificence of Egyptian temples and pyramids,. However, seeing the temples of Luxor, Karnac or even the pyramids of Giza at night is a completely different experience. Discover these imposing buildings in a most mysterious atmosphere at nightfall. All this comes to life thanks to magical lighting fixtures and texts telling the story of Egypt told by the Sphinx himself, it's surreal!

  • Discover Abu Simbel at sun rise
    Abu Simbel temple

    Discover Abu Simbel at sun rise

    Don't miss this wonderful day trip by minibus to Egypt's largest temple, in the depth of the western desert, just a few miles from the Sudanese border. You will leave in the middle of the night, before driving for about 4 hours in the desert to arrive just on time for sunrise, at around 8 am, in front of the magnificent statues of the Abu Simbel temple, erected in honour of Ramses II and his wife Nefertiti. If you thought you'd be amazed, think it'd be better than that!

  • Taste Egyptian cuisine
    Le foul, plat traditionnel

    Taste Egyptian cuisine

    If there is one thing that is sure in Egypt, you will eat well! The different influences in the national cuisine are plentiful, among them are Mediterranean, Arab and Nubian influences. You could have a taste of certain local dishes in a restaurant or in a Souk in Cairo. We recommend the Kochari, a dish made of pasta and tomato sauce, considered as the ultimate national dish, or the foul, a nourishing meal made of beans or the Mouloukhia, a soup with green vegetables with some garlic and served with traditional bread. Bon appetit.

  • Fly over the Valley of the Kings on a Balloon
    Vol en montgolfière, Vallée des Rois

    Fly over the Valley of the Kings on a Balloon

    The most beautiful face of the country will reveal itself to you of at sunrise and sunset. In fact, flying at dawn over the valley of kings in the air in a hot air balloon , will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your trip. Between lush palm groves watered by the Nile, the glowing peaks of the arid mountains in which some temples hide here and there, Mother Nature's show will be on display. Don't forget your camera!

  • Wander on camelback in the temples
    Balade à dos de chameau

    Wander on camelback in the temples

    What could be better than exploring the Egyptian age and enjoying its most beautiful monuments on a camelback! Whether it is around the pyramids of Giza, in the Valley of the Kings or even in the heart of the palm groves along the Nil, wander the beaten earth or sand paths and enjoy the landscape at the pace of the Bedouin.

  • A cruise on the Nile
    Croisière sur le Nil

    A cruise on the Nile

    It is probably the quintessential Egyptian experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Choose to sail with all the comfort you desire with a group on a ferry, or in the tradition of a felucca. And dive into eternal Egypt, as you visit the Kom-Ombo, Edfu temples and the villages along the Nile. Observe the reliefs that are changing from one region to another, ranging from the Nubian villages of Aswan to the pink granite cliffs near Daraw. Discover the many birds that live in these areas, white ibises, grey herons, flamingos or water chickens. And enjoy the sound of your crew's drums in the evening.

  • Sailing on the Nile in felucca
    Balade en felouque sur le Nil

    Sailing on the Nile in felucca

    Do you know what makes the Nile one of the most magical rivers in the world? it's full of life! If you want to enjoy yourself, there is nothing better than boarding on a felucca for a few hours in the setting sun, to watch fishermen stow their nets, children drift on makeshift boards singing and small motor boats carry the work areas from one side of the river to the other.

  • Dive into the dephts of the Red Sea
    Plongée dans la mer Rouge

    Dive into the dephts of the Red Sea

    The Red Sea is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs and diving spots in the world. Do not miss it! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, take a mask, snorkel and wetsuit, and discover the most beautiful species of fish, from majestic scorpion fish to huge sea turtles, as well as playful clown fish and intimidating barracudas. And discover our selection of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt where to put your towel and observe the most beautiful fish.

  • Driving a quad bike in the dunes
    Balade en quad

    Driving a quad bike in the dunes

    The funniest way to discover the desert is undoubtedly on a quad! Get ready for a thrilling adventure around the pyramids of Giza, in the dunes of the Great Sea of Sand or even in the lunar and desert landscapes that border the Red Sea coast. There are many things to do in Egypt, and even in the desert!

  • Sleep under the stars in the Desert

    Sleep under the stars in the Desert

    If you want a real and authentic grasp of what is life like in the desert with Bedouins, you can't miss an excursion into the heart of the desert, to discover the magnificent oases of Bahariya for example, the white desert and its unusual rock formations of an immaculate white. In the evening, sleep in a Bedouin tent and have a good time with the locals, who will make you discover their daily life around a fire, with the starry sky of the desert for as a roof.