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Adrien's tips, Local guide in Greece
Adrien's tips, Local guide in Greece

Discover Greece as you have never seen it before. Here are 4 new maps to print. A holiday in Greece offers you an encounter with both ancient history and wonderful beaches, promising a unique journey. Make the most of our travel guide to make getting around easier, and don’t miss our local guide to the hidden corners of Greece. Take a look at all our maps to make the most of your trip. Discover our maps to plan your trip in the best possible way.

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Greece and its islands are steeped in history. Its ruins are a witness to its prestigious past. And from Athens to the Cyclades, lovers of scenery, sun, sea and sand will not be disappointed.

Carte des régions GREECE

Overview of 8 tourist regions

photo Central Greece

Central Greece

Wrongly, central Greece is often ignored. Here you will find Delphi, an archaeological site essential to any trip to Greece.

photo Dodecanese


This archipelago of a dozen islands, Rhodes and its superb medieval city among them, is the gateway to the East.

photo Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands

These western islands are more populated. A fertile land of lush vegetation, olives, orchards and vineyards.

photo Islands of the North and the Aegean Sea

Islands of the North and the Aegean Sea

It is here that ouzo is made in time-honoured fashion. The spectacular scenery and hidden beaches are a delight.

photo Northern Greece

Northern Greece

Discover Thessaloniki, a relaxed city that is also at the cutting edge of the arts. Mount Olympus, home of the gods, benefits from a milder climate than the rest of the country.

photo The Cyclades

The Cyclades

Famed for their pristine white-walled villages, small fishing ports, bays of limpid water and breathtaking scenery, the Cyclades are a little corner of heaven on earth.



At its heart is Athens with its plethora of ruins, temples and archaeological sites that bear witness to its exceptional ancient past.

photo The Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands

Each of these islands has its own special features, its own heritage, and seaside resorts. Aegina’s innumerable pines are a surprise.

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Greece is the Mecca of the ancient world and the majority of its unmissable sites are the ruins steeped in history. Artistic and cultural treasures, archaeological sites, ruins and temples symbolise the country. For nature lovers the fine sandy beaches and deserted bays of the Greek Islands are a delight. Between its natural riches and cultural wealth, Greece has everything for a unique trip.

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Routes and distances maps

Regular flights from London to Athens are available, taking around three and a half hours. The road network on mainland Greece is well developed and allows easy access to remote villages. For short journeys take the car. For longer journeys, or if you are in a hurry, internal flights are reliable. If you are planning to visit the islands, several ferry companies provide crossings throughout the day in summer. Be warned, most don’t operate in the low season.

Carte des incontournables GREECE

Map of my secrets places

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