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It would almost seem like you landed on the moon with all these ice sculptures, gigantic volcanoes, rock desert lands and indomitable lights. But no, you’re in Iceland! This island and the attractive oddities of its nature seem to be the perfect place for an adventure. Benefiting from the influence of the Gulf Stream, the country of 300,000 inhabitants, is a haven for photographers and lovers of wide open spaces. After having fallen in love with Reykjavik, you will travel across mighty fjords, rub shoulders with whales off the coast, paddle in natural geothermal pools and explore glacial lagoons whose names cannot be pronounced... In all places, the spectacle of nature will make your senses and spirit tremble with excitement and volubility. You, who dream of the most extreme of lands, you, whose head is teeming with colourful sceneries and inspiring experiences, just found your dream destination.

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With winter, nights are longer and the country is often suffering from negative temperatures due to snowfall. But travellers are quickly rewarded by watching the northern lights and delighting in the natural baths coming from geothermal springs. In summer, the temperatures rarely go above 15°C/59°F, but the thrill of sleepless nights and constant daylight offers a unique euphoric experience. As you can see, in the land of fire and ice, the climate is whimsical and reflects the contrasting landscapes of Iceland. Besides, doesn\'t the local saying say "if you don\'t like the weather, wait 5 minutes"?


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Reykjavik is the main gateway to the island and is also a trendy capital where young Icelandic people find their way every weekend to bars and pubs, but nightlife is not the only attraction in the city. It also hosts some interesting museums, including the National Museum and the Arbaer open-air museum. To the north and west of the island, the fjords offer a magical panorama. You can also observe whales in Hvalfjörður.

- The high cost of living
- Unfavourable and unpredictable weather

- An indomitable nature and magnificent landscapes
- A wide range of outdoor sports activities
- The omnipresent feeling of freedom.

Fishing, horseback riding, rafting, diving and mountain biking... Iceland offers a wide range of activities. Hikers must bring their cameras with them before exploring Lonsöræfi Park or Snæfellsjökull National Park. For sports enthusiasts in search of thrills, a snowmobile trip on the glaciers is a must-do! In winter, cross-country skiing is the ideal activity to explore the Capital's surroundings. Reykjavik also benefits from the proximity of one of Iceland's most famous sites, the Blue Lagoon, a huge geothermal pool with healing properties. Massage and hammam sessions are available on site.

Shopping enthusiasts? Reykjavik is for you! It is home to the country's largest shopping centre, Kringlan, where you will find a variety of famous fashion brands. Those who are looking for more authentic products will undoubtedly prefer to walk along Skólavörðustígur street where most handicraft workshops are based. Viking inspired jewellery and wool clothing are perfect holiday bring-backs, as are the works of local artists such as paintings, sculptures, etc.

Do not expect great gastronomy in Iceland. There are only a few local specialities. Smoked food is particularly appreciated: it can be fish (cod, salmon, etc.) or lamb ham. Soup (lobster, beef ect.) is also a very popular dish and is quite delicious.

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