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The American west evokes wide open spaces, adventure, liberty and excess. It’s the legendary America of the pioneers, the gold rush, cowboys and native Americans which continues to fascinate us. Arizona, Nevada, Colorado… so many places have served as the backdrop to the Hollywood westerns and helped to build the myth of the far west. The American west - its countless natural parks, each as glorious as the next, and the imposing cities are waiting to be discovered.
A city like Los Angeles, the second city of the USA, at the end of the famous Route 66 deserves to be visited for its buildings and famous neighbourhoods - Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood. San Francisco is really worth seeing, with its magnificent bay, picturesque Victorian houses, the tram climbing its hills, its museums, shops, the famous Alcatraz prison and the emblematic Golden Gate bridge.
The essential detour through the vast American west is Grand Canyon National Park. A UNESCO world heritage site, this geological wonder provides breathtakingly beautiful panoramas. The other natural site to discover during your stay is Monument Valley with its impressive red rock peaks in the heart of native American territory.
Yosemite National Park is one of the most beautiful in the United States. Located in the Sierra Nevada, it overwhelms nature lovers with its giant sequoias, vertiginous granite cliffs and spectacular waterfalls.
The American west is also the untamed and magnificent landscapes of rocky Montana and Arizona’s arid desert. It is the Pacific Ocean and Califonia’s beaches, Death Valley and Las Vegas. So many legendary places, so many dreams. An unforgettable stay.

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