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Damien, founder of

Temperatures, your morale and the length of the days are shortening... In November, winter is definitely setting in and the blue sky gives way to grey clouds and rain... The good news is that the sun hasn't completely disappeared! It has just taken refuge under milder skies of the planet. To survive the gloomiest month of the year, we'll show you where to go to follow the comforting rays of the sun. Luckily for those always on the lookout for idyllic beaches, November is also the month of good deals. So stop staring at the pouring rain and just head off for the sun!

Our selection of mood-boosting destinations
  • Madagascar
    22 to 26°
    Sea : 27°


    Between tropical forests, baobabs, lemurs, white sand and lagoons, you will have everything you need to relax during Autumn.

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  • Mauritius
    18 to 26°
    Sea : 25°


    From coral reefs to turquoise lagoons, the sea is everywhere. You just have to slip into the scenery.

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  • Spanish coasts
    11 to 20°
    Sea : 21°

    Spanish coasts

    If you’re looking for some sunshine therapy, head to the Spanish coasts with their culture, 'joie de vivre' and cosmopolitan nightlife.

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  • Senegal
    23 to 30°
    Sea : 27°


    The bush, pirogues, music and beaches: what a change of scenery! The only danger when travelling to Senegal is to never want to leave.

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  • Mexico
    21 to 29°
    Sea : 28°


    The choice is yours: relax on the beach or explore the Maya civilization.

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  • Dubai
    20 to 31°
    Sea : 27°


    The gleaming sunshine on the futuristic buildings and the permanent cloudless blue sky. Enough to make you forget about the gloomy Autumn weather.

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  • Thailand
    25 to 32°
    Sea : 29°


    You can choose to relax on a beautiful southern island or to explore the imperial cities of the Kingdom of Siam, with their constant sunshine.

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  • Seychelles
    25 to 30°
    Sea : 28°


    You may feel like you know this archipelago since you’ve already dreamt of its clear water and white sand so many times.

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All destinations sun and beach in november

november sunny destinations reveal themselves to your desires
Sort the columns and let the temperature of the sea and the intensity of sunlight guide you. Next stop: your dream destination
DestinationDays of sunshineSeaCultureLandscapeJourney timebudget
Benin 32° 25 28°
Brazil 30° 21 29°
Cape Verde 28° 29 26°
East Coast 28° 18 26°
Hawaii 29° 14 26°
Hong Kong 26° 21 24°
India 33° 28 28°
Israel 28° 29 25°
Madagascar 26° 6 26°
Mauritius 26° 14 25°
Mexico 33° 29 29°
New Caledonia 28° 20 24°
Réunion 28° 18 25°
Senegal 30° 29 27°
Seychelles 30° 11 28°
South Africa 27° 8 23°
Togo 33° 26 28°
United Arab Emirates 31° 28 27°
Zanzibar 24° 14 28°

*Durée trajet : durée approximative en avion depuis Paris

5 reasons to enjoy the November sun

Follow your heart to…

Exchange gloominess for a change of scenery in the middle of Autumn

Enjoy a myriad of possibilities with rare and exotic destinations

Enjoy the pleasure of having the beach (almost) just to yourself

Make the most of this time of year

Take advantage of the good deals to escape to the sun

Chase the sun

Guide of the best sunny destinations in November

There’s no way you’re letting yourself be overwhelmed by the gloom of Autumn... Rather than watching the rain pouring down, go get a tan far away from the grey skies... Here are the best destinations to make your dreams of a sunny escape come true in November.

In Africa

Looking for sunny destinations in November? North Africa is a good bet! South of the Mediterranean Sea, the suffocating heat has given way to milder temperatures. It is precisely the right time to venture into southern Morocco or Tunisia. The sands of M’Hamid, Dakhla, Djerba and Douz merge together to offer you a unique experience combining the desert, sea and green oases. Further south, the sun withstands the cold of winter in Senegal and Cape Verde, encircled in a relaxed and exotic atmosphere.

In Asia

November marks the long-awaited awakening of Asia and India, which emerge from the long months of heavy rains of the monsoon. On the beaches of Cambodia and of the Philippines, umbrellas are gradually replaced by parasols and swimsuits. In India, Goa and Kovalam are perfect to recover by the sea after experiencing the effervescence atmosphere of the Pushkar fair and of Diwali ( the Festival of Lights ). The islands of Thailand, bordered by the Andaman Sea, feature lagoons and creeks that are around 29°C. But be careful, choosing which island is the most beautiful between Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe and Koh Phra is an almost impossible choice to make.

The islands of the Indian Ocean

Mauritius, Madagascar, the Reunion Island and the Seychelles are still in the summer season in November. In these peaceful places, the cold is long forgotten... The sea temperature goes up to 26°C, and temperatures continue to increase, there is little rain and the tropical mildness will accompany you throughout your trip. November marks the beginning of the austral summer. The sun shines on the golden sand, coconut palm trees and amazing flora. A trip that will put a smile on your face long after you've come back home.

In the Middle-East

A paradise in the dreamy water of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a destination full of sunny The arrival of Autumn has reduced the suffocating heat in these regions where the sun shines all year round. Therefore, it is not surprising to have temperatures around 27°C in mid-November in the United Arab Emirates. History is carved in the stones of Jordan, Lebanon and Israel, and stir curiosity. You can also go for a swim on the beaches of Abu Dhabi or Dubai. There, oversized infrastructures, XXL water-parks and malls will be the background to your next sunny holiday. Meanwhile, those of you who love swimming in unusual places will be delighted by the therapeutic water of the Dead Sea, where you can effortlessly float and relax.

On the American continent

Southern California has mild temperatures and optimal sunshine. However it is hard to resist Hawaii and its iconic beaches of fine sand and 26°C water. While big waves crash in Honolulu, the sun is making an appearance on the beaches of Acapulco, ready to start off the summer season in Mexico. Further south, the austral spring is knocking on Brazil’s door. The perfect time to learn about capoeira on the beaches of Jericoacoara. Unless you’d like to feel like a castaway on Boipeda island, in the middle of fine sand and mangroves. Why not take the opportunity to meet the marine turtles on Praia do Forte? Colonial gems, Bahianese cuisine and water sports can be found everywhere and are very good reasons to get up from you Brazilian hammock.

The islands of the Mediterranean and Southern Europe

In Southern Europe, late-summer is still holding on but not for long. It is the ideal month to escape to the Balearic Islands, Sicily, Spain or Southern Italy where you can still relax in the sun. Of course, the water is already cold at this time of year, but the beautiful days and temperatures haven’t given up yet. Finally, once the summer crowds and the heat-waves have gone, Southern Europe is to be enjoyed “al dente”. Malaga, Valencia, Puglia and Cyprus are all yours!

Destinations you should avoid in November

You’ll have to be patient to go to the Caribbean, or else be ready to face the pouring rain in the French West Indies, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. South-eastern India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka are also subject to unpleasant weather. But in about a month the weather should be fine.