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Damien, founder of
Damien, founder of

September is synonymous with back to school ... Or of a new adventure! What could possibly be more exciting than going on a vacation when everyone else is going back to work? The weather is still very pleasant, temperatures are mild and prices are so affordable that they makes it difficult to resist the temptation of making Summer last longer. Moreover, once the summer crowds have left the beaches, they return to their original beauty and authenticity.

Our selection of mood-boosting destinations
  • Tunisia
    23 to 31°
    Sea : 26°


    A big blue sky over the archaeological sites, dunes, oases and Medinas.

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  • Turkey
    19 to 31°
    Sea : 27°


    Antique sites, generous cuisine and Aegean beaches... In September, Turkey will awaken all your senses.

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  • Sicily
    21 to 27°
    Sea : 25°


    Bathed in sunshine, culture and citrus scents, Sicily is a destination you just can’t say no to.

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  • Madagascar
    20 to 25°
    Sea : 25°


    Between tropical forests, baobabs, lemurs, white sand and lagoons, you will have everything you need to relax before Autumn.

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  • Madeira
    20 to 26°
    Sea : 22°


    Come and marvel at its subtropical climate, lush gardens, breathtaking views and sublime beaches

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  • French Riviera
    15 to 25°
    Sea : 22°

    French Riviera

    Far from being just limited to its chic Riviera, the Côte d’Azur maintains its glamour and easy living style with panache.

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  • Greece
    22 to 28°
    Sea : 27°


    From antique sites to paradise islands, the unbelievable beauty of the Mediterranean will dazzle all your senses in September.

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  • Mauritius
    16 to 23°
    Sea : 24°


    From coral reefs to turquoise lagoons, the sea is everywhere. You just have to let yourself slip into the scenery.

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  • Malta
    21 to 28°
    Sea : 26°


    Geological wonders, clear sea and secret coves form the outline of this Mediterranean dream.

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  • Croatie
    17 to 25°
    Sea : 23°


    Historical cities, paradise islands and the warm water of the Adriatic are all gathered together under the Croatian sun of September.

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  • Bulgaria
    13 to 25°
    Sea : 23°


    Historical gems, a festive atmosphere and the fine sand of the black sea will all broaden your seaside horizons

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  • Spanish coasts
    17 to 24°
    Sea : 22°

    Spanish coasts

    If you’re looking for some sunshine therapy, head to the Spanish coasts with their culture, 'joie de vivre' and cosmopolitan nightlife. Vamonos !

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  • Bali
    24 to 30°
    Sea : 28°


    Let yourself be enchanted by the sunny serenity of Bali, the magnetic and well-named “Island of the Gods”.

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  • Morocco
    17 to 29°
    Sea : 21°


    Oases, desert, endless beaches and the Atlas valleys will make your heart rate quicken in the land of the setting sun.

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  • Canary Islands
    21 to 27°
    Sea : 23°

    Canary Islands

    Surrounded by the ocean, shaped by the winds and caressed by the September sun, the Canary Islands are a miracle of diversity.

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  • Portugal
    18 to 26°
    Sea : 23°


    The endless expanses of sand, fishing villages, mild nights and Fado music create the sweet scent of a perfect holiday.

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  • Languedoc Roussillon (France)
    15 to 25°
    Sea : 21°

    Languedoc Roussillon (France)

    The fragrant garrigue, southern fragrants, sandy beaches and rich cultural heritage will revive your taste for summer strolls

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  • Balearic Islands
    17 to 28°
    Sea : 25°

    Balearic Islands

    This archipelago full of Mediterranean charm will melt your heart rather than your skin.

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  • Sardinia
    18 to 28°
    Sea : 24°


    This is where your dreams of wild horizons lie and where your best travel memories will be born.

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  • Crete
    20 to 27°
    Sea : 25°


    This island, blessed by the Greek God of sun and beauty, is the essence of the Mediterranean.

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  • Corsica
    15 to 26°
    Sea : 26°


    This Mediterranean island of light and mystery will delight you right after Summer.

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  • Reunion Island
    18 to 26°
    Sea : 24°

    Reunion Island

    Trekking enthusiasts, insatiable adventurers and relaxation lovers, we've found your dream destination!

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  • Cyprus
    20 to 30°
    Sea : 27°


    Under the September sun, the golden beaches and ancient wonders shine even brighter.

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  • Seychelles
    25 to 29°
    Sea : 27°


    You may feel like you already know this archipelago since you’ve already dreamt of its clear water and white sand so many times.

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All destinations sun and beach in september

september sunny destinations reveal themselves to your desires
Sort the columns and let the temperature of the sea and the intensity of sunlight guide you. Next stop: your dream destination
DestinationDays of sunshineSeaCultureLandscapeJourney timebudget
Aquitaine 24° 13 20°
Australia 33° 27 27°
Azores 24° 13 24°
Bali 30° 28 26°
Barcelona 26° 20 24°
Basque Country 23° 11 21°
Brazil 28° 18 30°
Britanny 20° 19 18°
Bulgaria 25° 20 22°
Camargue 25° 19 22°
Canary Islands 27° 28 23°
Corsica 26° 19 26°
Crete 27° 27 25°
3 h
Croatia 25° 21 22°
Cyprus 30° 29 27°
Egypt 35° 30 27°
Fiji 27° 12 28°
French Polynesia 30° 21 26°
21 h
French Riviera 25° 19 22°
Greece 29° 26 25°
Hawaii 32° 17 27°
Ibiza 28° 21 25°
Israel 30° 30 28°
Jersey 19° 28 18°
Kenya 29° 16 26°
Languedoc-Rousillon 25° 19 21°
Madagascar 26° 25 25°
Madeira 26° 20 23°
Mallorca 28° 21 25°
Malta 28° 20 25°
Mauritius 23° 10 24°
Mayotte 28° 24 26°
Menorca 26° 19 25°
Montenegro 27° 21 24°
Morocco 26° 27 23°
Poitou-Charentes 22° 17 20°
Portugal 27° 27 20°
Provence 26° 20 23°
Réunion 26° 17 24°
Sardinia 28° 21 24°
Seychelles 29° 8 27°
Sicily 29° 22 25°
Southern Italy 27° 21 25°
Spanish Coasts 28° 21 24°
Tanzania 30° 24 26°
The Bahamas 32° 8 29°
Tunisia 31° 19 25°
Turkey 30° 28 24°
West Coast 25° 28 19°
Zanzibar 24° 22 26°

*Durée trajet : durée approximative en avion depuis Paris

5 reasons to enjoy the September sun

Follow your heart to…

Make Summer last longer

Have more room just for you on the beach

Have a large selection of travel destinations all around the world

Enjoy the pleasures of travelling far from the scorching heat and summer crowds

Take advantage of the low off season prices

Chase the sun

Guide of the best sunny destinations in September

The best way to make sure that the pleasures of summer last as long as possible before temperatures start to drop is to go to where the sun is. And luckily, the range of sunny destinations in September is almost as wide as the world is large, and will guide you to the one that suits you best. Let’s go!

In Southern Europe

The Mediterranean coasts are still very popular in September. Everywhere, the summer heatwave has given way to mild temperatures, perfect for taking long walks on the beach. It is time for romance on the French Riviera, with its beautiful Cerulean colours. Croatia, Andalusia and the Algarve have regained their charms. Sunshine, warm sea and summer atmosphere... everything is there, except for crowds of July and August tourists. Finally, the ninth month of the year is the ideal time to visit Puglia. Between caves, expanses of sand and idyllic coves, the heel of the Italian boot is home to amazing seaside jewels.

On an island in the Mediterranean

September is the blessed month of the ancient Greek Gods. From the Cyclades to Crete, from Cyprus to Rhodes, the blue horizon is more captivating than ever. But you may prefer experiencing the Corsican or Sardinian late summer's atmosphere. Luckily, the hordes of tourists have deserted the trails, maquis and coves, which means that you can relax in peace and quiet. The same feeling of relaxation can be found in the Balearic Islands, bathed in the 25°C Mediterranean Sea. But then again you also have the choice between the secret coves of Menorca, the electro vibes of Ibiza, the picturesque villages of Mallorca and the biodiversity of Formentera. The hardest thing is only where to choose....

Off the coasts of Africa

Turquoise water and fine sandy beaches and coconut trees - there’s no doubt, paradise does really exist and it's in the middle of the Indian Ocean. In September, the air and sea temperatures are perfect. You only have to choose the lagoon in which you want to play a castaway. But choosing between Mauritius, the Seychelles and Zanzibar is almost impossible. To avoid having to make a decision, why not sail towards the Canary Islands, and bask under the September sun. The seven islands are not limited to “Sol y playa” but also offer amazing and unique lunar and subtropical landscapes. There is everything be it for relaxation lovers, hikers, water sports enthusiasts or nightlife lovers.

In Arab-Muslim lands

North Africa is a hypnotic place untouched by time. In September, the sand of Djerba, the water of Dakhla and the light breeze of Essaouira all benefit from the rays of the sun. The mild temperatures allow you to travel through the oases, the desert and the centuries-old cities of Morocco and Tunisia. Peace and quiet also return to the Turkish coastline, dotted with ancient wonders and fragrant vegetation. Travelling during the off-season is always a good idea!

In Asia

It is well known that the Balinese atmosphere has very few rivals in the world, and even fewer in September, when the weather is dry and mild. You will wake up in a lodge in the middle of a rice field, swim in 28°C water, immerse yourself in the atmosphere and beauty of its temples and climb sacred mountains overlooking its breathtaking nature. Then, still at a gentle pace, you will discover the other pearls of the Sunda Islands. Flores, Sumba and the Gili Islands are full of secret paradises, natural curiosities and unspoilt beaches. And who said laziness is a bad thing? Certainly not you, while you're slumped on a beach in Lombok.

On the American continent

On a trip to the West Coast, automatically brings back memories of movie images. So much so that we can easily imagine ourselves effortlessly driving, with our hair floating in the wind, along Highway One route which runs along the Pacific Ocean coast. Of course, like in all the best Hollywood movies, a road-trip will not fail to reveal the amazing seaside landscapes, sheltered between the steep cliffs of California. The excitement will be at its peak when you reach San Diego, with its diverse culture, envied climate and mythical beaches. If you don't want to end things here, head to Hawaii, ideal for travellers looking for seaside and volcanic emotions. September is also the good time to celebrate Brazilian beach culture. All you have to do install your hammock on the beach of Salvador de Bahia, Fernando de Noronha or of the Brazilian Nordeste. And sip a caïpirinha.

In Oceania

Are you dreaming of enjoying the sun at the end of the world, smelling the tiara flowers, dancing the Tamure, basking in the sun on a bungalow on stilts? You need a ticket to the French Polynesia. There are very few places in the world as appropriate to perfect your tan and to make summer last longer. Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea are the promised land of islands lovers. They are true paradises in the middle of the South Pacific. In New Caledonia, which is in the largest lagoon in the world , you will enjoy the incredibly warm and translucent water of the South seas. Corals, beaches and palm trees that you couldn't even have imagined in your wildest dreams.

Destinations you should avoid in September

Central America and the Caribbean are targeted by cyclones and heavy rainfalls. Unless you’re passionate about these conditions, you should avoid venturing to this part of the world in September. Also India and Southeast Asia are still prey to the monsoon season, but not for very long... Be patient!